Innovations in biotechnology demand knowledge and experience in a variety of technical disciplines due to their often eclectic nature. Moreover, many biotechnological innovations involve technical aspects in other fields such as electrical, mechanical, and software. Our Biotechnology Practice group are experts in dealing with the challenges biotech innovations present. Members of the Biotechnology Practice Group leverage their vast academic, technical, and practical experience within the life science, bioengineering, and medical fields to successfully represent and counsel clients with innovations in this high-tech sector in all aspects of intellectual property law.


Most members of the Biotechnology Practice Group hold Ph.Ds. or other graduate degrees and are registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Members of our Biotechnology Practice group have worked for biotech start-up companies, taught at top research universities, and worked in university technology transfer offices. Our Biotechnology Practice Group is well versed in dealing with cross-over innovations and regularly collaborate with members of other technology practice groups at Thomas | Horstemeyer to manage these hybrid technologies. Whether you are a hobby inventor, start-up, or multi-national corporation the Biotechnology Practice Group at Thomas | Horstemeyer can help protect, manage, and enforce your biotech innovations that drive your business and transform the world.